QI Consult and "Qualified Migration"

The founders and the management of QI Consult GmbH have many years of experience in international recruitment of medical personnel, which they can contribute to your advantage.

While typical personnel service providers only respond with a corresponding delay when demand has already arisen, QI Consult, in partnership with you, builds a workflow that operates the recruitment process proactively, effectively, and sustainably.

Of course, individual parts of our service portfolio are also available to you.

The entire process is supported by software and thus guarantees topicality and transparency at all times.


There are several ways to use the concept of Qualified Migration. Depending on individual needs and preferences, different procedures and scopes of cooperation can be designed.

Implementation of the concept of “Qualified Migration”

There are several ways to use the concept of Qualified Immigration. Depending on needs and individual wishes, different procedures and scope of cooperation can be designed.

Continuing education authorisation

In case of insufficient authorisation for further training, QI Consult advises on the structuring and search for cooperation partners.

Doctor speciality training

QI Consult has developed a procedure to standardize the evaluation of the international medical professionals’ speciality training. During the recruitment process, we check the suitability of the physicians to the German further education regulation requirements and the accreditation of the 51 speciality disciplines. By doing so, we quickly optimize your work station.


The components of the employment contract are legally compliant and in accordance to labour laws in order to guarantee sustainable and satisfactory cooperation for all parties.


We are pleased to partner for training with Kolping Bildungswerke Paderborn, one of the largest educational institutions in the field of adult education in Germany.

Interpreting services

We have at our disposal a network of sworn and authorised interpreters.


In order to control such a complex process sustainably and reliably, we have developed a number of interconnected software platforms. These allow full, transparent insight into each process step at any time. All steps are mapped out, from the assessment of your company’s needs, the evaluation of candidates, validation of all documents, language training, further training, relocation, approbation to the employment contract. All professional, employment, financial, and residential aspects are implemented.

  • All State Examination Offices requirements are taken into account
  • Collection and examination of documents and information
  • All medical professions are shown
  • PPK: Examination of specialty qualifications and recognition
  • Multilingual: Designed for all recruitment regions
  • QI Scout synchronizes with the requirements from QI Match
  • All exams are server-based on tablet PCs
  • All medical service provider stakeholders are connected online
  • Supports efficient and cost-effective implementation
  • Centralized Information
    • Accommodation
    • Financial frame
    • Documents
    • Translations
    • Status requests
    • Progress in preparation
  • Data protection according to DSGVO
  • Questions and answers about the process
  • CRM runs automated updates
  • Multilingual